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1Investor Registration2Bank Account Detail3Investment PlanPlease provide active and accessible email address for verification.Please provide active contact number for validations.Please provide Bank Address as it appears on the bank account provided

Investment Statement / Investment Terms and Conditions

The payout, or payback period, is calculated by dividing the initial investment by the cash inflow per period. If company A spends $1 million on a project that saves $500,000 a year for the next five years, the payout period is calculated by dividing $1 million by $500,000. The answer is two, which means the project will pay for itself in two years.

Please select yes if you want to share your cumulative earning to your preferred Non-Profit Orgnization. Please provide the correct bank account name of the non-profit organization…Please provide the correct non-profit Bank Routing Number Please provide the correct bank account no. of the non-profit organinzation…Please provide the correct address appears in the bank…

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